Singapore was the perfect place to spend a long weekend away from Hanoi. It is so different in almost every way, so for a change of scenery it could not be more suitable.

We had such a brilliant time there and loved every second. We were with Matty’s mum, which made the trip really special and important to us. Seeing a familiar face for the first time in three months, which is by far the longest either of us have ever been away, was really really great.

We covered most of the main tourist attractions, all of which I would recommend:

Clarke Quay – where it’s at for cocktails/ drinks. If you get a spot overlooking the river in the evening it’s very picturesque.

Botanic Gardens – huge, beautiful gardens with more variety of plants and flowers than you could ever imagine. You could spend so long looking around here and taking photographs.

Raffles – arguably the highlight of the whole trip. I wasn’t expecting to like it as much as I did, because how good can an old bar be? I’m so glad we went there though, it is a unique experience.

Gardens by the bay – a different attraction based on varieties of plants and flowers. Definitely an impressive place to look around, and right on the bay so there are some great views in the evening. The light show was interesting. It was Christmas themed, even though we went in the first week of November!

Marina Bay Sands – I wanted to see the view from the top of this ‘boat in the sky’. In the end, I think this was my least favourite attraction. Mainly because it took us so long to get up to the top, and it was so busy that we couldn’t really enjoy it properly. Maybe it would’ve been better at a different time of day.

Little India – we went during Diwali and it was decorated so beautifully with lights. Easily the best curry I’ve ever eaten at the Apolo Banana Leaf restaurant. A great atmosphere too.

Orchard Road – a huge shopping street filled with unsuspecting underground malls. We spent a full day here without even realising it. It’s so easy to get lost once you step inside one of the malls, they are so much bigger than they seem. I don’t think we’ve ever seen so many shops in our lives, and certainly not in humble Hanoi.

Overall, we had a brilliant long weekend here and next time we need a big shopping spree, this is the place we’ll head to!

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