Koh Chang

Believe it or not, Hanoi can get cold for quite a sustained period of time. So for Lunar New Year, when we heard that Hanoi shuts down, we booked a holiday to Koh Chang – Thailand so we could do nothing but sit on a beach for 5 days.

Historically, AirBnb can be a bit hit and miss for us, but they really pulled it out of the bag this time. The place we booked was amazing! Probably the best place we have ever stayed at using the app. Clean, friendly owners, and an amazing view from their bar.


We ended up renting a bike and driving to the pier where the freshest seafood gets eaten. On the way back, we stopped off at a small beach that we almost had to ourselves.

Other than that, we spent a day on a boat snorkelling, swimming, and saving a woman from drowning (true story). There isn’t much evidence of this apart from this graceful dive from the boat.

Koh Chang is a very sleepy island compared to some of the other Thai islands. Not as built up, not as rowdy at night time. This is probably a good thing, really. It is also home to some of the best views we’ve ever seen. Definitely the best sunset we’ve ever seen. We’d absolutely come back.

We went home happy and relaxed (despite almost missing the plane).