The Ba Vi Mountains

Ba Vi is a national park about an hour and a half away from Hanoi. Which makes the place perfect for an overnight stay if you want some fresh air, and to do a bit of walking.

The journey was pretty simple, though we stopped at a shop for supplies, and the guy seemed very scared of us. We definitely weren’t his typical clientele to be fair.

Once you get to Ba Vi, there isn’t much around. There are four or five places to stay, and a few Vietnamese style places you can get food from.

We stayed at a homestay (we have absolutely no idea what that means anymore, almost everywhere is a “homestay” or an “ecolodge” round here). It was basic but pretty nice. It was clean, and the food was good.

We managed to get about halfway up before we had to stop for photos. We were already in the clouds at that point.

It was nice walking round at this point. It was deafly quiet, and the views were great.

After this, we headed to the very top of the mountain. That was not easy as we were completely in the clouds. Our visibility was about 5 metres and we had no idea what was in front of us.

Eventually the clouds kind of cleared, and we made it to the top of the mountain. Once at the top, there’s a couple of steep walks to temples which were cool but exhausting.

It was at this point we got mobbed by a big group of people for selfies and photos. We felt famous. I’ve made a rule that I take a selfie with everyone that wants one with me, though my phone probably would have ran out of space if I stuck with that rule at Ba Vi. We enjoyed it anyway.

The next day, we walked around the mountain a little more, before buying some of their speciality milk and heading home.

We must have spent less than 25 quid on this including hotels, food and petrol. All in all a great couple of days and definitely recommended.