Ninh Binh

We visited Ninh Binh straight after landing back in Hanoi from Singapore. It was a surprise trip which Matty planned and booked and we were both really excited to be out in the countryside for a few days.

We visited from Wednesday morning – Friday night, which is arguably too long, but it did mean that we could take it easy and see a lot of what Ninh Binh has to offer.

Our two favourite spots:

Firstly, Bird Valley. It is in a huge park which is actually (unbeknown to us) still under construction. Despite the fact that they were literally building it around us, we enjoyed it here because we walked around for at least an hour, something which is quite difficult to do in Hanoi. The main attraction, the bird valley, is where hundreds and hundreds of birds gather and perch on trees every evening. It was a very bizarre and fascinating thing to see.

Secondly, Trang An. From here we took a three hour boat ride through the majestic limestone cliffs and caves. The scenery is absolutely stunning and it is such a peaceful way to relax. Looking at the photographs is a better way to gather an idea of just how beautiful it was here.

We’ve been waiting to visit the countryside since we first arrived in Vietnam, and this trip has already given us ideas about where we would like to visit next.